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Discover the first online planning tool for easy and collaborative management of your medical staff. The only app directly designed from the field by real doctors.

Features studied and designed in the field
Years of experience and optimization to give you the best possible tool
Next to the management interface dedicated to the manager, each member also has access to a personal profile page on which he can consult his schedule but also visualize his fatigue, enter his availability, his days off requests, his wishes and his specific requests.
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The well-being of a medical department is fundamental to provide the best possible care. With MD Management®, get a direct assessment of employee's workload and easily get consistent and balanced planning.
It is now much easier to keep employees happy ! With our app, each member of the service can enter their on-call or room wishes via their personal profile page. Then, the manager benefits from a clear interface with which he can easily plan an employee according to his desires.
Days off
Managing days off from a department can quickly become a headache. With MD Management® it's over. When employees requests day(s) off via their profile page, the manager receives an email and benefits from an ultra-powerful tool to know directly whether or not it is wise to accept it.
Fully integrated into the application, our on-call management tool allows you to manage up to 60 lists while respecting staff availabilities, wishes and workload. Choose yourself how you allocate recovery days and easily export the schedule to PDF format when completed.
All your medical department informations and performance indicators on a clear, modern and ultra-comprehensive dashboard. Efficient and simple day-to-day management with the help of numerous tables, graphs and easy-to-understand charts.
Is your medical staff sufficient to cover the demand ? Easily check and correct your service balance at any time for 8 different working modes. Using charts and graphs, our assistant shows you how many people are missing or exceeding the required number and offers you different options to correct your schedule and find the perfect balance.
MD Management® is compatible with private structures and hospital networks. Easily manage one or more workplaces through a single interface. It's also very easy to add/remove an employee from a site and then filter the available staff according to their assignments.
Plan your Work Demand easily
Forget your pen, your eraser and your paper ! Thanks to MD ManagementⓇ, you can accurately save and track your Work Demand for each day of the year. Simply select a room or workplace to open, choose a time of day, select a date and the appropriate recurrence. That's all, you can go to the next step.
Save your Staff Availabilities safely
What's more annoying than having forgotten that one of your staff was on holiday or in recovery ? Not being able to cover your work demand or postpone a medical intervention ? With MD ManagementⓇ, directly register all your staff availabilities in our databases and build a reliable, accurate and risk-free planning for you and your patients ! Take the right decisions and easily check the number of recovery days, holidays, sickness,... for every member of your medical staff.
Smart On-Call lists and Wishes Management
When it's time to create your On-Call schedule, do you really know who is available and wish to be on-call ? For every day of the week, month or even year ? Probably not... But MD ManagementⓇ knows ! Thanks to AI and powerful algorithms, he also knows how to create balanced On-Call lists (up to 60) which respects availabilities and wishes of everyone.
Automated schedule to smartly respect your staff workload/wishes.
Encode easily and quickly all your staff wishes.
Build up to 60 different On-Call lists.
Multi-Site management.
Build your Planning effortlessly
We have a good news ! With MD ManagementⓇ you will be able to do a better job by providing less effort. Unnecessary clicks and unwanted actions have been eliminated to allow you building a reliable schedule in record time. Our easy-to-use planning builder allows you to complete your rooms and cover your work demand with available staff of your choice.
Control your Balance
Do you know if you did a good job ? Clear charts and complete tables allows you to control your schedule balance for 8 differents working mode. For each of them, MD ManagementⓇ tells you how much people are missing/exceeding and offers you different options to correct your schedule and find the perfect equilibrium.
Read, share and print your Schedule
Here is what you worked for. An easy-to-read and balanced schedule for each of your site, each of your workplaces and each week of the year. Read, download, print or simply synchronize with your favorite calendar (Google, Outlook, Apple,...).
Print and save to .PDF (soon .XLS).
Share and sync with all popular apps.
Read online anytime, anywhere.
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