Plan and manage your medical staff

Healing remains your priority. That's why our online management software allows your team to do it more simply and at the best time.
Designed in the field by doctors.

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Complete and collaborative management of schedules
This could be the missing link to save precious time.
Many Benefits
Save time, money and improve your efficiency.
Time Saved
With more than 10 years of testing as a beta version, our solution and its optimization has reduced up to 75% the time spent managing the Human Ressources of many medical departments.
Money Spared
The positive Return On Investment (ROI) has created opportunities for improvement of medical acts quality. Let's have a look at how a medical department increased its turnover by 16% by using our solution.
Efficiency Improved
Easy, safe, respectful and error-free management, that's what many Hospitals are looking for... and that's what we offer you ! After only 1 year, our solution allowed to decreased staff availability by 24%, increase rooms occupation by 16% and remaining constant the number of medical acts.
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"Located in the most innovative business park in Belgium, Soft4Doc is a Belgian company that aims to be innovative and to listen to its customers. Founded by a team of doctors and engineers with extensive field experience, it designs online management and planning tools for hospitals groups and medical departments..."
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