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Soft4Doc® is a Belgian Company that started its activities in 2018 under the impulse of Philippe, a Doctor in Anesthesia for almost 20 years and holder of a PhD in optimization of clinical practices thanks to Big Data. For years, he has been confronted to the many management problems of Human Ressources that hospitals face daily. As a leading player, he decided to use his experience and great knowledge of the medical needs to create a computerized management tool that improves the efficiency and performance of Hospital institutions, regarding the required human ressources and their constraints. This management solution - as a beta version - has been tested and approved for several years in the field, encouraging its commercialization for the benefit of other hospitals. Thus, accompanied by a Civil Engineer, the management software has been optimized and adapted into a web application – MD Management® – free of any installation and compatible with every Medical Departments. Today, we continue to work hard to improve and simplify the daily life of the medical world, with the ultimate goal of providing a digital solution that is easier, smarter and quicker.


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Doctor in Anesthesia and experienced in clinical and medical management topics, Philippe is also the developer and creator of several scientific and medical computing solutions, used and approved in the field. His extensive knowledge led to a PhD in public health as well as scientific publications and presentations in major revues and congress
Civil Engineer in Aeronautics and holder of a master's degree in Management Sciences, Maxime contributed to the operational improvement of our application and its integration on the web. His involvement in the project and his help in the development of Soft4Doc allowed him to become one of the Co-Founders of the company.


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"Located in the most innovative business park in Belgium, Soft4Doc is a Belgian company that aims to be innovative and to listen to its customers. Founded by a team of doctors and engineers with extensive field experience, it designs online management and planning tools for hospitals groups and medical departments..."
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