Customizable offers to exactly meet your needs.

  • Site
    With MD Management®, you have the choice to manage a single Hospital or multiple Sites from the same application.
  • Grade(s)
    Each Medical Department is made up of different people with different grades and different functions. Doctor, Assistant, Nurse, Technician, Secretary,... choose the right formula that best fits your Medical Department's composition.
  • Medical Department
    -Medical Department-
    MD Management® can manage differents departments and automatically fits to each working mode. You can decide to manage your own Medical Department (MD) or extend the management to your hospital by managing an unlimited number of MD's.
  • Workflow Management
    With our user-friendly Workflow tool, simply select a room/workplace to open, choose a time of day and select a date with the appropriate recurrence.
  • Availabilities Management
    With MD ManagementⓇ, directly register all your staff availabilities in our databases and build a reliable, accurate and risk-free planning for you and your patients !
  • On-Call Management
    Thanks to AI and powerful algorithms, MD ManagementⓇ helps you create balanced On-Call lists (up to 60) which respects availabilities, recoveries and wishes of everyone.
  • Smart Assistant (AI)
    Strong and powerful algorithms based on AI have been created to help you automatically build your schedule in a balanced and respectful way of your medical staff.
  • Wishes Editor
    Encode easily and quickly all your staff wishes and satisfy all your Medical Department.
  • Schedule Editor
    Easy-to-use and user-friendly planning builder allows you to complete your rooms and cover your work demand with available staff of your choice.
  • Complete Report
    Clear charts, numerous data and complete tables allows you to control your schedule balance and your Medical Departement's efficiency.
  • Exportable Schedule
    Easy-to-read and balanced schedule for each of your site, each of your workplaces and each week of the year. Read, download (.PDF,.XLS), print or simply synchronize with your favorite calendar (Google, Outlook, Apple,...).
  • Multiple Users
    Don't be alone in managing your Medical Staff. Allow your staff to use MD ManagementⓇ, encode their wishes and availabilities by themselves.
  • 7d/7d Support
    Get help and support 7 days a week, all year long.
  • System Configuration
    Our team supports all the configuration of the solution and encode all your rooms, medical staff,... in our database to make our application ready-to-use.
  • Home Service
    Our team goes to your Hospital if you need help or support.
  • Live Start-up
    Our team offers you a live support to explain how the solution works and accompany you to start the application during the first weeks.
  • Perzonalized Support
  • Custom Features
    Our developers help you to exactly meet all your needs. If you need specific features, we develop and implement it.
"To manage your On-Call lists"
"To manage your Department"
"To manage your Hospital"
"To manage your Group"
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